To: NHS England

Pay GP Receptionists £12 per hour!

Pay GP Receptionists £12 per hour!

Increase GP Receptionist pay from £9.50 per hour to £12 an hour.

Why is this important?

Being a GP receptionist myself for 2 years I understand that the care for a patient starts with the initial contact with a Receptionist at any GP. However receptionists in healthcare are so underpaid that they can barely make ends meet even working full time! These people are helping save lives and after tax they are paid ~£8 per hour. A slight increase in pay would reduce staff turnover rate and make the patients much happier to be greeted with well paid, happy and helpful receptionists rather than stressed out and financially burned out ones! Also, it might even end up saving your own life!


Reasons for signing

  • The GP receptionist working Non stop to get a doctor to see you and care for you is paid £9.50 an hour, whereas the doctor refusing to see you is paid £80 an hour. For this reason I am sure every GP can increase receptionists pay to £12 an hour so they take home an amount worth caring for!