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To: Phil Bentley, CEO Mitie Group

Pay the real Living Wage to Mitie Cleaners NOW

We won! On Friday the 11th of October after more than 80,000 of us piled in we managed to get these cleaners the real Living Wage!

Make sure the Mitie Group ensures that the people who clean stations for Network Rail - who do some of the dirtiest work in the rail industry - are paid the Real Living Wage. No More Delays - Pay the living wage to Mitie cleaners NOW.

Why is this important?

If you use Glasgow Central, Edinburgh Waverley, Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly, Leeds City or Birmingham New Street stations, you’re passing through stations that are cleaned, day and night, by people who are surviving on poverty pay.

Network Rail has outsourced the work of cleaning many of their stations to a company called Mitie Facilities Management, part of the Mitie Group plc.

Mitie Group paid nearly £49 million to its shareholders in dividends in the last five years. With their CEO, Phil Bentley getting paid £2.2m. [1] But it doesn’t pay its cleaners the Real Living Wage.

Mitie’s cleaners have had enough and we’ll fight for a real Living Wage, but we need your help. Please help us to persuade Mitie and Network Rail to put an end to this scandal.

What Mitie workers say:

-50% of respondents to a recent survey of Mitie workers said they struggled to make ends meet.

-“This salary makes it impossible to save money. It's only just about enough to pay bills and that's it.”

-“£8.40 per hour is a joke. It’s a continual struggle to make ends meet and doing without to cope.”

-Support for the real Living Wage in Scotland, Manchester and Liverpool:

-“I would encourage businesses and organisations to recognise the benefits of the real Living Wage which is not only helping to ensure people’s basic pay meets the cost of living but is increasing staff retention, productivity and boosting morale in the workplace.” Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland

-“I will expect, over time, all companies in the city region benefitting from public contracts to become living wage employers”, Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham

-“Paying the Real Living Wage is not just the right thing to do, there are significant benefits for individuals, businesses and the wider economy.” Metro Mayor for Liverpool Steve Rotherham

[1] The Telegraph: Mitie boss’s pay packet doubles to £2.2m despite outsourcing malaise:



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