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To: Hampshire County Council

Pedestrian Crossing Sullivan Road Brighton HIll

Pedestrian Crossing Sullivan Road Brighton HIll
We, the signatories, call on Hampshire County Council to undertake a thorough assessment of road safety on Sullivan Road Basingstoke and introduce measures to protect pedestrians including a pedestrian crossing on to help improve pedestrian safety and other traffic-calming measures for an increasingly busy and fast stretch of road.

Why is this important?

The road is very busy particularly in the area of the Brighton Hill Centre. The sight lines are poor with stationary buses and a blind corner. Cars regularly exceed the speed limit. There are high numbers of vulnerable people crossing the road. Elderly and unwell people cross to access medical facilities, children and young people cross to access two local schools and there is significant footfall to local shops. Often the only way to cross is to rely on the goodwill of drivers. When buses are stationary cars cannot see pedestrians crossing and vis-versa.

Do not wait until a child is injured or worse before improving road safety here.


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Reasons for signing

  • Having to cross to road to get to the shops, can be very difficult, especially as cars seem to come round the bend very fast, and some cars try to overtake the bus while it's parked dropping/taking passengers
  • The problem is drivers will not wait behind the bus until it moves off and will attempt to pass without being able to see pedestrians or oncoming traffic.
  • This is such a dangerous crossing point, especially when people insist on crossing whilst the bus is still there, although they wouldn't dream of doing so at any other bus stop. I have seen far too many near misses. A crossing and advisory signage for pedestrians is long overdue.


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