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To: Durham County Council

Pelican crossing urgently required

Pelican crossing urgently required

Change the zebra crossing on Manor Road, Medomsley to a pelican crossing

Why is this important?

This road is very dangerous!!!
I was nearly wiped out this morning due to one car stopping and one not. This could have been a child! I'm concerned that it won't be long before someone will be seriously hurt or killed.
Every morning, cars are having no regard to parents and children wanting to cross over the road to go to school and are flying past like maniacs!
Some children walk to school themselves and it is frightening what could happen. Something urgently needs done, sooner rather than later, for the the safety of our residents.

Medomsley, Consett

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Reasons for signing

  • Important everyone safe when crossing busy roads.
  • I've signed.. it's always been a horrible road to cross on the school run
  • I was born in Medomsley and I havellived there a long time ago so it's a village very close to my heart


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