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To: Queens and Kings Drive residents

Permit only parking - Queens Drive, Kings Drive

Permit only parking - Queens Drive,  Kings Drive

Indicate if you are in favour of approaching North Tyneside Council to instigate full permit only parking on Queens Drive and Kings Drive

Why is this important?

Residents have repeatedly contacted North Tyneside Council to raise issues around parking and capacity for residents. The council have consistently failed to engage with residents regarding changes to parking or in response to issues which have been raised. The council has made parking related decisions in the interest of local business, and whilst important, have prioritised these over the needs of residents within our community. There has been no consideration of changes to parking which impact on parking for residents, and minimal consultation. Our request is a permit only scheme on Queens and Kings Drive.

Whitley Bay, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Just want to be able to park on my street!


2020-09-12 18:56:09 +0100

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