To: DWP Therese Coffey and Chancellor Rishi Sonak

Personal independent payments

Personal independent payments

They Need to pay the people on PIP who can’t work do to illness the same £20 per week so that they get same as universal credit as the people on PIP are struggling more as prices going up BUT Benefits are no.
So please start paying us the extra money per week as people on PIP struggle No Different to U/Credit just need the same as have to struggle .

Why is this important?

This is important to everyone on DWP Universal Credit /Personal independence Payments should Be getting the same £20 per week Backdated as there Should Not Be One rule for one and No rule for others .
People who have to Rely on Benefits find it hard so Need to be paid the same it’s alright for Government workers as just getting pay rise £3500 some people Don’t even get that much so Need people to Sign This so get Government to understand we all need Extra.

United Kingdom

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