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To: Kirklees Council

Pesticide free Kirklees

Pesticide free Kirklees

Cease all use of insecticides, glyphosate and other herbicides on council land.
Leave grass on verges and some areas of parks unmown between May and August so wildflowers have time to flower.
Encourage plants that provide a nectar source for bees and other invertebrates on verges and along tracks and paths.

Why is this important?

Insect numbers have plummeted by 60% in the last 40 years. Biodiversity has reduced through poisoning with pesticides and the over-management of grassland areas.
Kirklees owned land could become a haven for insects and other wildlife.
Citizens could be made aware of the positive approach to biodiversity that has been adopted by the council and, as a bonus, it would save money by reducing the amount of times areas are mowed and ceasing the purchase of pesticides.
There are other methods to control weeds where this is absolutely necessary, such as hot foam application and manual cutting.
Hundreds of councils are already pesticide free, including Wadebridge, Lewes and Hammersmith so there is a precedent.

Kirklees Council, Princess Street, Huddersfield

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