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To: UK Government

Petition against recent: The Commission's Report into Racial and Ethnic disparities, March 2021

Petition against recent: The Commission's Report into Racial and Ethnic disparities, March 2021

We disagree and feel let down by findings of the recent report. It conflicts with recommendation given if the commissioners are saying there is no evidence, why do twenty-four recommendations suggest the presence of the institutional racism. The UK government should not accept this report, rather should consider reviewing or re-commissioning the report because of the following reasons;
(a) The government should consider addressing regional picture due to differences in diversity
(b). It is with great concern that the report would even consider taking away the umbrella term BAME, which in the long run would make certain groups insignificant and extremely disadvantaged
(c) The report stated that black children are better or equally as good as white counterparts in education. However, this distort the picture in practice and employment.

Why is this important?

The petition is important to help to give the overall views of all BAME people in the UK rather than considering a small sample given by the commissioners in the report. Our BAME HUB-UK NETWORK organisation believes that BAME is a single entity that embodies all the ethnic minorities group as an umbrella which express our concerns related to structural and systemic inequalities, injustice and neglect. BAME HUB-UK NETWORK is also empowering and advocating for BAME communities and their families. Nations progress when all its people are involved in a collective endeavour to develop and cooperate. The word BAME and its activities should be retained and supported to achieve these noble objectives which not only help BAME members but also the wellbeing and understand of the nation at large. In BAME HUB-UK NETWORK we don't ask for any special favours but equal opportunities and fair treatment of all that is inclusive of our culture and religious needs.

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Reasons for signing

  • Black people are equally good in school but extremely looked down upon in work places. They never give a black person a chance to excel. That should change
  • I signed because this is important that we have a representative viewpoint


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