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To: Residents of Sungate House, KT3 4AJ

Petition for a signage board at Front Entrance not to leave parcels unattended

Signage board needs to be placed on the Front Entrance, so that parcels are not left unattended. Over the past few years mostly all the residents have expreienced theft and loss of parcels as it was not delivered to the correct flat. Increasing number of delivery companies dump the parcels in the communal area at the front entrance and mark as delivered, which gets lost or stolen. This sometimes results in inconvenience and unfortunate situation for the residents and some suppliers do not issue refund for lost deliveries.

Why is this important?

Make sure we keep our parcels safe and correctly delivered to our flats. No more missing parcels!

New Malden KT3 4AJ, UK

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2023-11-15 19:31:53 +0000

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