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To: CCllr John Ogle and Nottinghamshire County Council

Urgent action needed on North Leverton crossroads

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James Naish
Urgent action needed on North Leverton crossroads

For the past eight months, since the end of Easter term 2019, Leverton CofE Academy has been without a School Crossing Patrol officer. This means c.50 children travel to school every day without official road safety supervision, including older pupils (aged 9+) who typically walk to school without parental support.

This gap has highlighted a well-known issue in our local community: the danger of the crossroads at the busy junction between Southgore Lane, Main Street and Sturton Road.

This junction is positioned at the centre of North Leverton with a range of key amenities situated within 0.1 miles of the site. This includes the following:

- Leverton CofE Academy
- The Royal Oak public house
- Crookes Garage
- Salon Royal
- x3 bus stops on Southgore Lane and Main Street
- North Leverton Methodist Chapel
- North Leverton Post Office
- North Leverton Surgery

New housing has also been built in the same part of the village over the past five years, resulting in an increase in traffic volumes and on-road parking which limits visibility at the junction.

We – the residents and service users of North Leverton – call upon Nottinghamshire County Council to work with other local authorities and stakeholders to:

1. formerly assess and document the risks associated with the crossroads. This should include an in-depth study of traffic volumes associated with each of the above-mentioned services, particularly during peak times (0800-1000 and 1430-1800);

2. propose short- and long-term solutions to effectively manage traffic flow and – ultimately – prevent accidents. This may include traffic lights, a mini roundabout or other meaningful traffic-calming measures, and respect the fact that recruiting a new School Crossing Patrol officer has proved very difficult;

3. meet members of the local community face-to-face to explain the above and communicate likely timeframes for action.

Why is this important?

While we acknowledge that there have been no fatalities on this stretch of road in living memory, we strongly believe that the chances of something serious happening are ever-increasing, and respectfully call upon Nottinghamshire County Council to assess and address the situation properly.

James Naish, District Councillor, Sturton Ward
Ant Coultate, District Councillor, Rampton Ward
Malcolm Ferguson, Chair, North Leverton Parish Council
Victoria Brelsford, Chair of Governors, Leverton CofE Academy
Rebecca Chadwick, Headteacher, Leverton CofE Academy
Jacqui Dickenson, Practice Manager, North Leverton Surgery


(P.S. If you would like to support this campaign further through leafletting, door-knocking and/or financially, please contact [email protected]. Thanks!)

North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, Retford

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Reasons for signing

  • it is a dangerous crossroads
  • Every time i use this junction i find it very hazardous and have had a couple of near misses, it really needs sorting.
  • For childrens safety


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