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To: unite students

Petition for Improved Living Conditions and Rent Reduction at Joseph Stones House

Rent Reduction and Back Pay Negotiations:
Initiate negotiations to reduce the rent to a more manageable and appropriate level, and discuss the possibility of back pay for the current term's rent.

Communication with Unite Students:
Raise awareness about the challenges faced by tenants to Unite Students, highlighting how the current rent rates impact their ability to maintain a decent standard of living.

Enhancement of Amenities:
Improve the quality of general amenities provided, including but not limited to kitchen equipment and laundry services.

Maintenance Response Improvement:
Enhance the responsiveness of maintenance services to address issues promptly and efficiently.

Resolution of Hot Water Problems:
Address and resolve the ongoing problems with hot water supply to ensure a comfortable living environment for all residents.

Why is this important?

Students are facing financial struggles and feel exploited by Unite Students in Joseph Stones accommodation. Considering the substantial amount we are paying, the return on our investment appears to be disproportionately low. This raises questions about the allocation of our funds and prompts us to inquire where exactly our money is being utilised.

How it will be delivered

Through email

Joseph Stones House, St Peter's Square, Leeds LS2 7PA, UK

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