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Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Why is this important?

Due to the Corona pandemic, and from April 2020, all forms of practical driving training have been stopped, and the practical examinations have also stopped, and at the same time the certificate of success in the theoretical exam is running out.

This should not be borne by individuals, as there is a major pandemic, and the Ministry of Transport must not overburden people, and it must deal with reality and not be literal in applying the rules and instructions because the current circumstances are of an exceptional type.

Extend the expiry dates of those who currently hold a valid theory test to after September. This would allow time for those who have rightfully passed this theory to attempt their practical test once the pandemic has eased and society is back to running smoothly.

Those who have passed their theory deserve the right to have a driving test. At current, they are unable to do so as the driving tests have been cancelled with no clear answer on when they will start back up again. This will affect many people who have worked hard to pass their theory and be able to sit a driving test.

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