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To: Gillian Keegan MP - Secretary of State for Education

Create A Proper Children's Minister In Government Task Forces To Safeguard Generations

Please consider making the case for there to be a dedicated Children's Minister in government task forces. Evidence is now clearly emerging that lockdown has had a significant, negative impact on the health, education and well-being of the nation’s children; many will spend years trying to make up for lost time at school, educationally and socially. It is necessary to have a government minister whose brief is solely the tutelary guardianship of the next generation amid all of the aspects of modern politics, to ensure that the development of future generations has a safeguarding champion within central government itself to ensure their best interests are served.

Why is this important?

The children of today will be tomorrow’s adults, it will be they who take up the mantel of responsibility, who manage tomorrow’s affairs, who run hospitals, schools, businesses infrastructure and local and central government. It is vital that, within the current political climate, there is a minister whose sole brief is how political, and cultural health influences directly impact their lives. A generation affected by so much missed schooling, open to so many different changes in social media, which are often spreading misinformation and conspiracies alongside some quite disturbing attitudes towards treating others and their views, is a generation clearly in need of increased oversight and safeguarding by someone who can raise these issues quickly at the highest level of government. If we want to improve the chances of the future generations who will take the reins in a few decades we don't want to fail our children as recent reporting as evidenced, we all want to see our government protect our children, so it's time to put children first or risk losing our support.

United Kingdom

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