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Petition the Home Office to reconsider Javad's deportation decision now!

Petition the Home Office to reconsider Javad's deportation decision now!

Please stop Javad's deportation

Why is this important?

Javad is a shy and gentle young Iranian man who arrived in the UK as a minor nearly ten years ago.

Javad was a young teenage boy when the Bam earthquake killed both his parents in 2003. He was put in an orphanage many miles away in Tehran where he didn't agree with being forced to learn how to use guns or with the extreme religious teaching. To escape this, he ran away. The stories he can tell of the things he has seen at such a young age are sickening. They are difficult to relate to as one who was brought up in the safety of England. He was terrified of being caught and returned to the orphanage so rarely went outside. He was taken under the wing of a group of more streetwise boys who helped him get money together to leave Iran. His fear of what might happen to him on his return alone is completely ruling his life preventing him from moving forward.

Javad came to England because he believed it offered the chance of a less frightening life. He has mental health issues, poor memory and suffers from learning difficulties which make him appear much younger than he really is and give him a simplistic view of life. His childhood traumas were never resolved when he was a minor even though he was under the care of social services once in in England.

Since losing his parents, 13 years ago, Javad has moved constantly and never experienced a secure and loving home life. For the first time since his parents died, he has found a family ready to offer him a permanent home. A family who love him and are willing to teach him the basic life skills, support and stable environment which most children take for granted. This is the first close bond he has made in his nine years in England.

His right to remain has been refused by the Home Office. Unless they can be persuaded to change their decision they will uproot this extremely vulnerable young man again and send him back to a place he barely remembers and where he has nothing. In this last year, he has started to make eye contact, to smile and starting to trust his new family.

Now that he has a secure home life, Javad has been able to make real improvements in his social and simple language skills. However, his lack of understanding of the complexities of conversation in both English and Farsi (his mother tongue), have caused him great difficulties with the authorities who have assumed a level of understanding which he simply does not have. When put under pressure, this has made him appear inconsistent.

Since coming of age, Javad has received no financial aid. His legal status doesn't allow him to work although he would be willing to do so. This means he is totally reliant on the kindness of others and the family who have taken him in without which he would be destitute.

Article 8 of the Human Rights act states everyone has a right to a family life. It goes on to state that 'there is no pre-determined model of a family'.

We are asking for your help in persuading The Home Office to reconsider their decision to deport Javad on the basis that he now has the chance to be part of family life previously denied to him.

This would enable him to address his learning and mental health difficulties without which he has little chance of making a decent and safe life for himself.

Please sign the petition before it is too late!

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Thank you.

Friends of Javad

Sonia Plato
Sousan Lari
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Reasons for signing

  • vivien pickering
  • This young man needs to be given a loving home where he can move forward in a positive way and live a good life not be thrown back into a life of darkness from where he came.
  • This is the kind of person the government should help


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