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To: The Home Office

Let Javad remain in the UK

Let Javad remain in the UK

Please stop Javad's deportation

Why is this important?

Javad was a young teenage boy when the Bam earthquake killed both his parents in 2003. He was put in an orphanage many miles away in Tehran where he didn't agree with being forced to learn how to use guns or with the extreme religious teaching. To escape this, he ran away. His fear of what might happen to him on his return alone is completely ruling his life preventing him from moving forward.

Javad has mental health issues, poor memory and suffers from Autistic Spectrum Disorder which make him appear much younger than he really is and gives him a simplistic view of life.

For the first time since his parents died, he has found a family ready to offer him a permanent home. A family who love him and are willing to teach him the basic life skills, support and stable environment.

His application for asylum or leave to remain has been rejected by the Home Office. Unless they can be persuaded to change their decision and grant Javad discretionary leave to remain- they will uproot this extremely vulnerable young man again and send him back to a place he barely remembers and where he has nothing.


Reasons for signing

  • We would be better served by deporting the Home Office. Where is their humanity?
  • He now has a family and chance of a brighter future than he would otherwise have
  • For two reasons. 1. The government’s arbitrary deportations are inhumane and disgrace our society. The ‘hostile environment’ policy continues in operation and is a national shame. 2. In this case specifically, a young man with autism would simply not survive mentally or physically without family in Iran and would probably end up killed.


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