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To: MPs

Phasing out of Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Weapons globally, and export and trade in arms

The world faces increasing dangers that threaten our very survival on this planet.

Priority should be given to developing the means for the phasing out of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons globally to prevent more sporadic Chernobyls (Ukraine) and Fujiyama (Japan) disasters.
Not only is their a danger of nuclear catasrophe that will spread globally, the means for disposal of nuclear waste from nuclear power stations has not yet been safely negotiated.

We need to campaign against all forms of nuclear weapons and nuclear energy but increase research on fusion technology and while we await science and technology to attain this utopian dream for many, we should lead austere lives and minimise our demands on the natural resources that will then protect and preserve the environment and ensure a safe Planet.

We should also campaign to ban the selling of arms (nuclear and conventional) in international trade and supply chains to allied nations to put a stop to wars which the arms fuel. This is the only viable means of preventing conflicts between nations, and leads to the wanton waste of resources and damage to the environment.

Why is this important?

We need to ensure that Planet Earth is a habitable environment for all human beings now and for future generations to come.