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To: UK Government

PIP assessments should not be outsourced to private companies

PIP assessments should not be outsourced to private companies

Disability assessments fro Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is currently outsourced to Capita, Maximus and Atos who earn over 500 million from this contract. A large percentage of the claimants who appealed against a PIP decision by the DWP, based on these information gathered in assessments conducted by these companies, won their case at tribunal. This adds to the suspicion that these companies are just driven by a profit motive, and the incentive is to get the assessments done, than to provide accurate and careful information about sick and disabled claimants. The UK government are failing in their duty of care towards the disabled by continuing to outsource this part of the PIP process.

Why is this important?

The UN committee on disability rights have asserted that the UK government have systematically failed to meet its commitments to the disabled. The outsourcing of PIP assessment constitute a significant part of that systematic failure.


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