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To: The government

PIP for Amputees

PIP for Amputees

I want all amputees to be given PIP at enhanced rate.
When you lose a limb you become disabled that limb will never grow back yet amputees are often turned down or given standard rate meaning they’re not eligible for a Motability vehicle.
This is something that most people with a disability need, most amputees get a prosthetic but they often can’t wear them due to comfort, liner problems, socket problems the list goes on.
Some are told at their assessment that it’s not classed as a mobility aid, so why do the government say different ?
It can be very difficult for an amputee to walk far they need a vehicle & a blue badge regardless of whether they can wear their prosthetic or not!

Why is this important?

It’s important that this disability is recognised as such and all Amputees are given PIP enhanced rate.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I am waiting on a mandatory reconsideration to my PIP claim as at my last review they stopped my enhanced rate element and I am worse than what I was, as I am an amputee who has other health problems e.g kidney failure and I have little to no mobility now. The car is needed.
  • I am a below knee amputee. Every day is so difficult. My prosthetic leg is comfortable maybe one day a month, if I’m lucky. I would go nowhere without my mobility car, scooter and blue badge. I cannot walk far at all. I’m still on DLA. When I get onto PiP if it gets taken from me, that will be the end of the little bit of life I try to live independently.
  • It is needed


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