To: Pizza Express

Pizza Express give up the plastic pencils!

Pizza Express give up the plastic pencils!

I'm starting this petition because we don't need plastic colouring pencils in Pizza Express.
Not that long ago we would go into Pizza Express and our kids would be handed normal wooden colouring pencils or even crayons to doodle with.
But now Pizza Express have chosen to hand our kids wasteful plastic pencils to use. Plastics are clogging up our oceans and ruining our health.
There are approximately 400 pizza express in the U.K. And another 40+ outside. Think of the amount of plastic pencils being used up and thrown away!
And because kids are kids they spend they're time winding up the coloured leads and then snapping them off, making the plastic pencil redundant in a matter of minutes.
If Pizza Express are worried about their staff wasting time sharpening leads, hand the sharpeners to the customers, I'm more than happy to sharpen them for my kids, into the tins.
I'm asking you to sign this petition to let Pizza Express know that you too are not impressed.
We are living in a time where the facts are readily available and climate change is a reality. The very least Pizza Express could do to show they acknowledge this is to go back to their original pencils.
Come on Pizza Express 'be the change' Xx

Why is this important?

Because there is too much plastic in landfil and in the sea, and its the kids who inherit the planet.


Reasons for signing

  • We shouldn't hide the truth that plastic is ruining our oceans, and our health.


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