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To: Local Community

Pizza Tipi and Bar - Rice Box Events

Pizza Tipi and Bar - Rice Box Events

Please support our application to obtain a premises licence and planning application to open up our smallholding in Starkey Lane, Northop to offer the local community and unique place to eat great food and enjoy a drink in a semi outdoor environment using a Giant Tipi and our horseboxes providing wood fired pizzas "Dough Bellissimo" and the "Hall & Smith" Bar.

Why is this important?

Rice Box Events is a professional hospitality business. We usually attend weddings, corporate functions, food and drink festivals, agricultural shows and music festivals with our street food and bar units. In March 2020, due to the pandemic we lost 90% of this years business and we really need to find an alternative business strategy that will support the business until the pandemic is over and we can resume normal business activities.

Northop, Mold CH7, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Would be good to have this the community
  • At times like these all our local businesses need our support and trade. I think these guys have literally lifted the spirits of most of the town during the lockdown - supplying a fantastic service and, even more importantly, fantastic food. They deserve the support of the whole town xx
  • I want to go out


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