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To: Mayor John Biggs Tower Hamlets Council

Plan Bee..........Reclaim the Limehouse Triangle for the Community

Plan Bee..........Reclaim the Limehouse Triangle for the Community

HELP US get Tower Hamlets Council to STOP the


We have a Plan Bee!!!

Why is this important?

The local community surrounding the Limehouse Triangle continue to object to the development that the council want to build on this small green triangle of land. The land forms part of a green corridor from Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park to Limehouse Basin.

Originally a designated green initiative by Tower Hamlets Council as part of their biodiversity plan for the Borough in 2000. This was wholly supported by Mayors Joe Ramanoop and Denise Jones, funded by the Council, Metropolitan Police and in kind by local businesses. It received the support of the local Council Housing Office, the Council Regeneration Team, Tower Hamlets Environment Trust and Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park via Terry Lyle.

This project was a huge success. In 2015 residents noticed that the council had started to neglect the site. (All details on the website).

Draw your own conclusions ....we are not naive!

We agree more social housing is needed, we are non-partisan. We agree, but not at a cost to the existing community’s quality of life, health and wellbeing and certainly not at a cost to the environment and bio diversity.

This little green triangle nurtures and enhances! Air pollution and Low Omissions are high on the Mayor of London’s agenda, all political parties are concerned about it too!

In fact, in April 2017 the London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a 2019 date for the introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone, however, Tower Hamlets Council plan to take away one of the few urban green spaces from the Locksley Estate community; Limehouse Triangle! This community is located metres away from one of East London’s busiest arteries, the A13, so the need for green space and clean air is of the greatest importance.

When it’s gone, it’s gone but we have a Plan Bee!

Support us! Support the environment! Support Plan Bee!

How it will be delivered

Email or in person

Reasons for signing

  • Because every tree counts 💚🌲🌳
  • I signed because green space is a premium in our area so we always need to be weighing the costs and benefits of keeping it vs. giving it over to development. Apparently this site will only render a total of 17 flats and I don't feel that will benefit the area better than leaving it as an ecological site which will help increase the many benefits of urban green space including more biodiversity, more pollinators, natural urban cooling, etc.
  • Pieces of land like this are very precious in the urban landscape, helping with air quality, temperature regulation, rainwater run-off, sound absorption, as well as just making people feel happy when they see them.


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