To: Mattel and all other major toy manufacturers.

Plastic children's toys, why aren't they recyclable?

Plastic children's toys, why aren't they recyclable?

Reconsider their position on producing children's toys using the amount of non-recyclable plastic and instead produce toys using sustainable materials or materials that can recycled as much as possible.

Why is this important?

It is the younger generation who appear to be most concerned about the future of our planet, but as parents of even younger children I am constantly shocked by the amount of plastic used in the production of children's toys, which includes plastic fibres, plastic packaging, and plastic that is never going to go away for at least another few hundred years. We have no idea at the moment what all that plastic is doing to our children's health with them playing with the toys, but then to think that those toys will carry on polluting our environment for so many more years to come just doesn't make sense to me. I feel it would be a great opportunity for the toy manufacturers to demonstrate to our future generations that thinking and acting in an environmentally responsible way will enable them and their children to continue enjoying their toys in a safe and ethical way.