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To: Tom Pursglove MP Minster for the Disabled

Playgrounds for all

As the cost of living ever spirals, so does access for to activities for children up and down the country. However, our parks and playgrounds are knowingly free and accessible for all. Hang on a minute, that's incorrect they are not accessible for but only a few.

There are many playgrounds up and down the country where many children living with a disability cannot access their local playground. These children as I did, fail to experience the activities of a playground. This access is still denied to many children to this day, yet we call ourselves an inclusive society.

Why is this important?

All children have the right to access provisions whether that be swimming pools, sport halls, cinemas, in other words ALL public places. However, for those children living with a disability, especially those with a physical disability, many never get to experience playing in a playground. It is imperative for all children to develop and the only way that can happen, is by accessing different environments.

For any child to experience the movement of a swing, the wind on their face, to feel the movement of a roundabout, or a sea-saw, then to see the joy on their faces. This doesn't happen for those children who are disabled.

This petition is asking the Minister for the Disabled Tom Pursglove |MP to take action by enabling and legislating for all playgrounds in the country to be accessible so that children will no longer feel that they are being barred from such a facility, through no fault of their own.
England, UK

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