To: Agriculture Minister

Please do not cull Badgers

Please do not cull Badgers

Dear Minister,please do not cull Badgers in Gloucestershire and Somerset.

Why is this important?

We do not know what the long term effects would be on other wildlife and surely it must be wrong to cull using methods which can cause injuries before a slow lingering death.We already have many organisations opposed to this policy, please listen to us!!


Reasons for signing

  • Vaccination is the name of the game
  • Vaccination is the answer. Wake up.
  • Vaccination not the killing our beautiful badgers. How can they say they are protected then go out killing them. All the money it costs in lost farm animals cows etc and the horrible deaths caused by this disease would more than pay for them all to be vaccinate. It has been proved to work in other places. They killed 1500 badgers at the cost of more than a million that would have paid for a lot of vaccine.


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