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To: The Leader of Denbighshire County Council

Please Don’t Cut Library Services in Denbighshire

Don’t Cut Library Services in Denbighshire - please sign this petition asking the council to re think their plans to cut these vital services.

Please also have your say with the public consultation documents found here:

Why is this important?

The council plan to make 50% cuts to an already bare bones library service. Further cuts would mean a great loss to people of all ages from the youngest to the oldest who rely on library services for learning and development, keeping in touch, using IT equipment, reading, researching and coming in from the cold.

The council should be proud of their library service and should be investing in the service, not making further cuts.

They propose to cut opening hours at libraries across the county of Denbighshire. This has a potentially detrimental effect to other services that use the library. Take Bookstart Cymru for example.

Denbighshire Bookstart gives every baby the opportunity to develop an early love of sharing books and reading, and to become members of their local library by:

- giving each baby and toddler a free gift of a bilingual Bookstart bag

- offering advice to parents and carers on the benefits of giving books to babies

- encouraging library membership

- running Rhymetimes in libraries

- working in partnership with other early years agencies

- Libraries love babies and toddlers, and young children will be given a great welcome.

Children under 5 don’t have to pay fines if books are returned late or charges for damaged books. We also know that children can be noisy at times - that's no problem!

A vital service for babies and toddlers that helps them learn and develop. Cuts will directly affect children’s learning and development and the proposals will see libraries closed on the days that Bookstart run their sessions. As we know, babies and toddlers do not have a voice so please sign this petition asking the council to re think their plans to cut these vital services

Children and young people do not really have a voice and cuts to library services directly affect the smallest and most vulnerable in our society. Children are having their opportunities eroded by a Government that don’t care. The council need to listen and continue to provide a library service to those in our communities that need it the most, they need to invest in Library services, not make cuts

St Asaph, Saint Asaph LL17, UK

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2023-10-18 11:48:52 +0100

Great job! Over 500 signatures now. I am hoping that there’ll be a paper copy of the petition in the foyer of the libraries so that anyone without access to a computer are able to sign. Many thanks, Ben

2023-10-13 16:18:48 +0100

500 signatures reached

2023-10-11 15:40:17 +0100

Denbighshire CC are running public consultation. Have your say here

2023-10-05 16:26:20 +0100

100 signatures reached

2023-10-05 12:49:48 +0100

50 signatures reached

2023-10-05 09:50:09 +0100

25 signatures reached

2023-10-04 20:52:44 +0100

10 signatures reached