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To: Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Robert Syms MP and Home Office

Please don't take me away from my Home

Please don't take me away from my Home

I am begging them to reconsider their determined decision to keep on rejecting my application.

Why is this important?

My family and I are running out of time and we don't know where to ask for help. My case has been on going for three years now and I am scared of their unchanging views because it means for me to be separated from my family again.

My dad has been working here in the UK for almost fourteen years where ten years he was apart from us. My mom, sister, brother and I came here in 2015 to be together with my dad. Then, we had to renew our visas last 2016. We did our biometrics together but for some reason mine was a late submission and that's where it all started to crumble.

We were put in a situation where we don't have anything to show for and we have been in two firms, one of which is still representing me but I am starting to lose faith. Multiple Administrative and Judicial reviews have been sought out but their decision was maintained.This battle has drained us financially and emotionally and we are running out of options.

I hope we had better knowledge of what we should have done and trusted the right people, maybe it wouldn't have come to this. We are seeking any kind of help.

I don't want to leave United Kingdom as it is my dream to be here ever since I was a child. This is where we belong. If I were to be given another chance, I will work harder and earn the right to prove myself.

My home is where my family are and I don't want to be taken away from my home.


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Reasons for signing

  • FAMILY is LOVE., if you have nothing to turn to, your family will be there for you.. I love my children, GOD will find a way to Save US.!
  • Family ties is very important
  • I dont want her to seperate from her family..


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