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To: Department of health

Please spend 5 mins and help 250,000 incurable people

Urgent action be taken for the 250000 undiagnosed suffers of this Condition That the NHS’s own website adds 2 new pages showing treatments which must be not used on RSD/CRPS suffers, and the second page to list every specialist in the country. An e-mail to every health care provider and Trust requiring every medical person in their employ to read that site. The creation of a post of RSD/CRPS Internet Liaison and Research Officer to liaise with clinics around the world to collect, collate and disseminate all papers and studies on this condition The provision of £1,000,000 per year to send as many newly qualified Doctors to America to be trained to continue until there is one properly trained specialist in every hospital. The provision of £1,000,000 per year to train nurses at Bath Hospital and the Walton Clinic in how to handle RSD/CRPS sufferers safely. The Provision of £1,000,000 per year for research,. That dedicated units be created until there is at least one in every county

Why is this important?

Based on US Figures we have 370,000 suffers, on Dutch 342,000 yet less than 20,000 have been diagnosed. Although this condition is incureable if the correct treatments are given within 3 months of the onset long term remission can be acheived but after a year it is too late to get any sort of remission



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