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To: City of London

Pledge of support: temporary Skylark fencing on Wanstead Flats

We, the undersigned, recognising that the ground-nesting Skylarks of Wanstead Flats are under threat, support the actions taken to protect them, including the temporary fencing on a small section of the Flats (last year with the fencing 4 young Skylarks fledged).

We encourage the City of London to continue to take action to protect the fencing and Skylarks, and abhor the actions of a tiny minority who have repeatedly vandalised the fencing and signs.

Why is this important?

Several pairs of the iconic ground-nesting Skylark breed on Wanstead Flats. These birds represent the closest population of breeding larks to the centre of London but for how much longer? Nationally, the population of Skylarks has been in decline for decades so the Wren Group – in conjunction with the City of London Corporation – is determined to do all it can to protect their numbers locally.

Wanstead, London E11, UK

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