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To: The Metropolitan Police Force

Police investigation into John McDonnell

Police investigation into John McDonnell

I want a police investigation into John McDonnell and the Labour party for inciting riot and hatred, which are crimes in this country.

John McDonnell has publicly called for one million people to take to the street to force our Prime Minister from power.

Why is this important?

The United Kingdom is a democratic country where elections are held to decide which party should govern.
The Conservative Party won the recent General Election - voted in by a majority of voters.
John McDonnell wants to overturn the wishes of the electorate by using "mob-rule" and causing mayhem and riots on the streets of the United Kingdom - this must not be allowed.

The United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed because incitement to riot or commit a crime should be investigated and punished even if you are a politician and think yourself above the law. It is time the law stepped in and started arresting these criminals.
  • This is a democracy despite what Labour may think. I don't want Mob rule or their insane communist tactics.
  • Because what he is inciting is criminal and undemocratic.


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