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To: Greater Manchester Police

Police to Investigate Racially Motivated Attack in Hulme

On 24th August, 2019 two men committed a hate-crime, assaulting a young South East Asian man on Stretford Road, Hulme bringing him to the ground and stamping on his face several times while shouting, 'Speak f***ing English!'. When a 50 year old local man came to help, and asked the attackers to stop, he too was brought to the ground and his head was stamped on several times.

While the second attack took place and the first target got away and has not been identified, so cannot be helped as a result.

The second target was hospitalised with concussion, a broken nose and broken jaw.

Greater Manchester Police have failed to carry out a proper investigation claiming insufficient evidence, even though the assault took place in a busy public area and was filmed by a local resident.

This gives the impression that hate-crime goes unpunished in Hulme. This cannot be accepted.

A full investigation should be carried out by GMP, and the attackers should be identified and held to account for their actions.

Why is this important?

If Greater Manchester Police fail to act in this instance, the assaults may not be the last by these attackers, or others.

Hulme is a cohesive multicultural community and it demands that GMP do not overlook the seriousness of this assault.

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