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To: Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake

Post Office Horizon Scandal - Fujitsu should be liable for compensation

The Post Office scandal has shocked the public and rocked all three major political parties. Compensation rightly should be paid to the victims and families of the Post Sub-masters and mistresses who were wrongly prosecuted and convicted of crimes they did not commit. Fujitsu the provider of the Horizon IT system who knew of the issues with their system yet did nothing to help those affected. Fujitsu stood by while thousands of Postal workers were investigated, over 700 were prosecuted and over 300 were jailed, sadly some even took their own lives. Not only does the Post Office have a lot to answer for but also Fujitsu. The burden of compensation for the wrongdoings of the Post Office and Fujitsu should be equally shared between both these organisations. We ask that Fujitsu should be held to account for their part in this national disgrace and contribute to the rightful compensation claims made by the victims.

Why is this important?

We have seen governments award contract after contract to private companies that either deliver little or no value to the public purse. Fujitsu for example on top of the Horizon Post Office scandal has been awarded further Government contracts worth over three billion pounds of public money.
Not one single person within Fujitsu has publically been held to account and this needs to stop - now.

United Kingdom

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