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To: David Cameron

Posthumous Knighthood for Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore was overlooked for a knighthood during his lifetime, but his fantastic achievement in leading England to the World Cup in 1966 needs to be recognised. 2016 is a special year - 50 years since we last won the World Cup, the Queen is 90 - so let's put Bobby up where he deserves to be - Sir Bobby Moore!

Why is this important?

Since the 1966 World Cup final, Bobby Moore has never been out of the football news. He was graceful on and off the pitch when he was alive, and his reputation has only been enhanced since his death.

This is a special year, 50 years on from the 1966 Final plus the Queens 90th birthday - what a great year to award Bobby a posthumous Knighthood, and put a smile on British faces..... a lovely man, a great Captain of England, and a Knight of the realm!! Great.


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