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To: UK Parliament

Postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending further independent investigation.

To postpone the rollout of 5G in the UK, pending the outcome of an independent investigation into the global, environmental impact on microbial, plant, animal and human life systems including the impact on the weather systems of the planet's biosphere.

Why is this important?

5G will increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields RF-EMF to levels never seen before. These frequencies have been proven to be harmful to all life including humans and the environment. The health of our planet's life systems are at risk of systemic and fatal disruption.

More than 230 scientists and doctors worldwide have emphasised the potential health risks to the EU:

UK 5G Moratoriums so far:
Glastonbury, Frome, Totnes, Kingsbridge, Shepton Mallet, Wellington & Winchester.

Brussels region has already postponed the rollout of 5G due to the associated health risks.

Articles and talks by Dr Barrie Trower, the world's leading expert on microwave energy:

Other campaigns/scientific reports:



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