To: Robert Jenrick : Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government / 29A London Rd, Newark NG24 1TN

Poverty Fighting Back

Poverty Fighting Back

We are fighting for the right for current housing laws to be changed to help eradicate homelessness nationally

Back In April 2018 there was some changes made on how the local authorities deal with homelessness this was part of the homelessness reduction act.

the changes that were made were quickly altered again via another claus at the end of the month making the criteria harder for people to qualify to receive support from their local council if they found themselves to be homeless.

this to date has now created a problem as now the UK has its highest record of homelessness it has ever seen.

Why is this important?

It is important to make a changes to current housing laws so we can help enable people to have a place of warmth on the cold night , a place they can feel safe, somewhere people can begin to develop a focus, a meaning to themselves and best of all a place they can feel like they are worth something.. for many years i spent the best part of my life homeless , the trauma i suffered i wish on nobody i know not even my enemies but one thing i vowed to do for when i became settled in my life was to fight together to give others the same hope and feeling of loving life as i now do , so please please if you to have the same views in helping tackle homelessness or if you have been there or really want to make a difference , lets tackle this system together and lets help poverty fight back.

How it will be delivered

We wish to deliver this petition in person.