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To: The House of Commons & Chancellor of Exechequer

Ask Government to urgently review & reform the current Business Rates system

Ask Government to urgently review & reform the current Business Rates system

Urgent review & reform of the Business Rates system to create a fair and level playing field for all businesses

Why is this important?

Vibrant and thriving High Streets are important to everyone.

UK High Streets are currently facing a number of major challenges, including our current business rates system that is out-of-date, unfair and hitting some of the smallest retailers the hardest. Although there are also other challenges to be overcome, Government action on this issue would have a quick, positive and significant impact on our high streets.

We are asking the Government for an urgent review and reform of the Business Rates system to help protect the future of the UK High Street and create a level playing field for all businesses.

How it will be delivered

Via Rachael Maskell - Labour and Co-operative MP for York Central

Campaign started in York. Presented in London

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2018-09-17 16:56:30 +0100

We are holding a retail roadshow on Saturday 22nd September , hosted by local radio station Minster FM radio. There will be a live music, competitions, giveaways and a positive and challenging message from our speakers in between , including various local MPs from across the parties and independent. We will be encouraging as many as possible to sign our petition on the day which is to support our High Street starting with asking the Government to reform the current business rates system, so if any one is in York on 22nd September, we will be in Kings Square, come and say hi and thank you for supporting our campaign !

2018-09-14 13:59:22 +0100

100 signatures reached

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