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To: Michelle Thomson

Predatory capitalism has no place in Scotland.

Predatory capitalism has no place in Scotland.

Stand down - Predatory capitalism has no place in Scotland.

Why is this important?

It is important to note that Michelle Thomson MP appears not to be the focus of the police investigation stemming from irregularities the Scottish Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal may have uncovered (report, 30-09-15). Indeed, Thomson is clear that she has “always acted within the law”.

However, whilst Ms Thomson’s actions may well have been legal, this does not mean they are morally acceptable. Her company, M&F Property Solutions, targeted people who were desperate and exploited that vulnerability. In one reported case, a 77 year old pensioner undergoing cancer treatment reluctantly sold her property to Thomson’s business partner for £65,000 – it was sold on the same day for £95,000. In another reported example a pensioner felt “preyed upon” when he found he’d sold his property for £25,000 less than it was worth.

Vulnerable people need to be supported, not exploited. That’s the way society works. The kind of predatory capitalism Michelle Thomson has been involved in may well be legal, but it has no place in Scotland.

These are clearly serious allegations about an SNP MP who leads business policy decision making in the party. Are we really to believe that the people of Edinburgh West would have voted from Michelle Thomson if they had known about how her business had been operated? Can she now credibly support constituents with mortgage problems given her history?



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