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To: Premier League football clubs

Premier League clubs: Join the accredited Living Wage scheme

Do the right thing and become accredited Living Wage employers to prove that the hard-working people that make match-day a reality are earning enough to live on.

This means paying all stadium staff, incl. subcontracted cleaners, security guards and caterers, the voluntary 'real Living Wage' of £9 (or £10.55 in London) which is independently calculated based on the true cost of living.

Why is this important?

Nobody working for the Premier League should be struggling to make ends meet. I’ve started this petition because, as a cleaner at a football stadium I've seen first hand the impact that being trapped in in-work poverty has had on my colleagues and their families.

Clubs should follow the example of Premier League clubs like Everton, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool and Crystal Palace that are already proud accredited Living Wage employers. Brighton, have confirmed that they pay the living wage to both employees and contractors, but have not yet obtained accreditation from the LWF.

Although some clubs may already pay their employees the real Living Wage, this benefit often does not extend to contractors.The Living Wage Foundation is the only way for employers to independently certify that both their directly employed and, crucially, their contracted staff are being paid enough to meet the cost of living.

Smaller clubs like Luton Town FC and Dulwich Hamlet FC are accredited real Living Wage employers - if they can do it, so can all of the Premier League!




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