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To: Historic England

Preserve Bourne to Saxby Line

Preserve Bourne to Saxby Line

Railway heritage is really important in giving the UK its identity. Sadly we are losing, and have lost, large parts of our historic railway. We believe Historic England have the opportunity to save a real piece of railway history which holds significant value, the Bourne to Saxby (Lincolnshire) line and all its affiliated structures which are Bourne Bridge 234, Lound Bridge 238, Toft Tunnel, Lound Viaduct amongst others...

Why is this important?

The Bourne to Saxby line in Lincolnshire was the first complete railway system to be dismantled in the UK making the line and all the structures upon the line historically unique. The line and its railway structures has national significance to the railway history of England, and as such we ask Historic England to list the line and its affiliated structures to protect its historical value, so that future generations can learn, enjoy and experience this part of our English heritage.

By signing this petition we will be demonstrating to Historic England how important this line and its affiliated structures are to us.

Bourne PE10, UK

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