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To: MPs

Preserving and nurturing Nature’s Biodiversity Globally

With regard to the policies on the hunting of foxes and culling of beavers in the United Kingdom we need to extend our concerns for wild-life to all forms of life and placing a high level of importance and priority for the conservation of biodiversity in a planet where humans in our greed and selfishness have spread out and decimated wild-life. How barren our lives would be if we did not nurture the remaining species of wild-life in harmony. We need to place our thoughts on this vital aspect of Nature that generates such peace of mind to many people concerned not just for themselves but for future generations to come that would be ‘greener development’ than the earlier focus on economic performance and workers’ rights at the workplace.

One needs to understand that it is the natural ecosystem that generates the goods and services that people need in life, so we should stop our greed and live in an austere manner that is also socially conscious in terms of ensuring that everyone has the basic necessities of life. What policiticians of all parties should consider is the need to live and organise production on a sustainable basis: this means protecting the environment. The environment includes wildlife because we are dependent on wild-life that are part of the diverse planetary ecosystems. When the ecosystems are destroyed by human greed, we are doomed as humanity. We cannot allow our selfish attitudes to destroy the futures of the next generation after we ourselves have enjoyed the good times that the Planet had to offer.

So we need to reverse the continuing capitalistic and wanton decimation of the environment and keep our demands on Nature to the bare minimum needed for survival. We must ourselves not wish to live up to a grand-old age by consuming the natural resources of the environment but save as much of the resources for the young who have yet to experience life.

Governments must therefore get to grips with Green Socialism, not cater solely for convenience and rights of businesses and workers rights in the workplace.

We need to live to the philosophy of Live and Let Live.

Why is this important?

Mother Nature is suffering overexploitation and is weeping. We cannot go on destroying the natural world or we will be signing our own extinction as the human species for the development of new species that would emerge from the natural world.