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To: Claire Moriarty

Prevent unnecessary euthanasia of abandoned animals

Use the Netherlands Governments template, which has proven a successful approach to animal welfare, resulting in:

No unwanted pets on the street or homeless in pounds or unnecessarily euthanised (mainly dogs)

The Dutch government used 3 simple key tactics

Higher Taxation of breeders
Supporting free spay and neutering services
Compulsory Prison sentence for those caught abusing animals

Additionally consider introducing other actions such as:
Introduction of Compulsory "keeping a pet lessons" for pet owners, to improve care and well-being and prevent animals from loosing home or suffering due to owner ignorance.

By creating higher taxation on breeders, legislation on animal related crime and improving social behaviour change (by more pets being spayed and neutered reducing unmanaged litters of puppies and cats, along with owner training) this could result in much better pet animal welfare, as exampled in the Netherlands.

Why is this important?

Since 2012 pet abandonment has been on the increase, according to just one survey reported by The Dogs Trust it is estimated that, with dogs alone, in 2015 over 47,000 owners have abandoned their dogs in the past twelve months (according to the annual Stray Dog Survey by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity)

Dogs Trust questioned all local authorities across the UK as part of the annual Stray Dog Survey and 2015 findings reveal that 47,596 dogs were left behind in council pounds, where they remained unclaimed by their owners.

Of which it is known an unnecessary 5,142 healthy dogs were euthanised between 2014-2015


(this does not include dogs who didn't pass through the local authority, or cats, or other pets that are also abandoned and there is either no home found or basically no one wants them or can cope with more pets or pets who's owners request euthanasia ).

Domestic pets are all our responsibility as sentient creatures.

With better, slightly clearer and robust legislation and higher taxation and compulsory prison sentences it's been shown that the number of abandoned dogs (in particular) but other animals too can be reduced.

We must do everything we can to reduce the massive number of unwanted pets. (Estimate are for every 1 person born 45 animals are)



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