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To: William, Prince of Wales

Bring back Britain's rainforests in your newly inherited estate!

Help fight the climate and biodiversity crisis by rewilding temperate rainforest on Dartmoor and other land under your control

Why is this important?

When you became the Duke of Cornwall, you inherited a vast landed estate. Sadly, much of this land contains damaged habitats and is lacking the rich biodiversity it could have. A huge amount of Duchy land falls within Britain’s ecologically significant ‘rainforest zone’. The lost potential of this land can be seen in the awe-inspiring fragments at Wistman’s Wood and Black Tor Copse (areas festooned with lichens and soaked in mythology). We urge you to allow these fragments to regenerate and spread.

Rewilding our rainforests - letting trees regrow and reintroducing lost species - is also a brilliant way to fight the climate crisis because this land absorbs and stores carbon from our atmosphere, helping to lower global temperatures.

As well as NGOs like the Wildlife Trust, farmers, landowners, and communities across Devon are already starting work to restore temperate rainforests and, around the country, millions of nature loving Brits are doing whatever they can for wildlife. Will you join them and help bring back Britain's rainforests?


Wild Card is a grassroots campaign calling on the UK's biggest landowners to rewild. To find out more go to



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