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To: Matt Hancock Secretary of State for Health

Priority inoculation against COVID 19 for Taxi, Private Hire, Coach, Bus Drivers & Couriers.

We the undersigned seek Priority inoculation against COVID 19 for Taxi, Private Hire, Coach, Bus Drivers & Couriers given the high risk nature of these roles as well as ancillary roles within these work groups.

Why is this important?

The workers in these roles are potentially super spreaders and are also carrying out transportation and delivery roles that are important to the economy from driver who transfer the vulnerable & Key workers to those who provide delivery of packages and food couriers come in to contact daily with many others. Giving these individuals priority inoculation will lower the risk in these groups. Furthermore data proves these roles have been at greater risk than many other groups within the UK.

We feel that all of our combined membership throughout the UK, many from the BAME communities, and with a wide spectrum of ages and health conditions; should be in the list of those in top priority to receive the vaccine in order to protect the NHS, prevent the spread of the virus and save lives.

Drivers and ancillary workers in these transportation roles are by the very nature of their role, in close contact with people from all walks of life, from those in extremely high risk categories, to frontline NHS and private sector care staff, business people, doctors, nurses, children with special needs, and the elderly and infirm for food deliveries, hospital appointments and shopping trips.
As such, not only are these roles at high risk of becoming infected from their passengers, but also if they do become infected are likely to become "super spreaders" of the Corona virus without their knowledge, even more so with the discovery of the new mutation which is spreading much faster among all walks of life.

This is a combined petition in partnership with several of the largest representative bodies who all feel very strongly about this, which includes the NPHTA (National Private Hire and Taxi Association), PHTM (Private Hire and Taxi Monthly, GMB, Unite the Union, LPHCA (Licensed Private Hire Car Association) ADCU (App Drivers and Couriers Union) GMDF (Greater Manchester Drivers Federation) DLTA (Durham Licensed Taxi Association) LTDA (London Taxi Drivers Association and many others)

How it will be delivered

Electronically to Matt Hancock

United Kingdom

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