To: The prime minister

Prison visits with social distancing

To re introduce prison visits to reduce mental health in families and prisoners during this difficult time.

To ensure visits are safely taken out under strict guidelines around social distancing

Reducing the amount of visitors per one time and safely distancing tables per family

Reducing visiting times so everyone has a chance to see a loved one for at least 30-45 minutes

Why is this important?

It is important as a lot of prisoners and thier family members are suffering from mental illness and depression due to the current circumstances they have gone from 2-4 visits a month for a hour/ 2 hours to none and with them on a longer lockdown where exercise is reduced to 30 minutes per day and current education is suspended they are locked in a 4x4 cell for 23 and a half hours per day and it is affecting thier mental health. And as for families they aren't able to see thier loved ones to make sure they are ok they rely on a phone call and that's if the prisoner has credit on thier private cash it is affecting people all over the country not just at HMP Berwyn.