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To: Wirral Councillors

Privatisation of NHS drug and alcohol service in Wirral

Privatisation of NHS drug and alcohol service in Wirral

Wirral Drug and Alcohol Services Privatisation

For over twenty three years our National Health Service has provided very successful services to thousands of Wirral residents helping them to recover from drug and alcohol problems.

In October 2014 local government in Wirral decided to award the contract for these services to an organisation, "Crime reduction Initiatives" a registered charity (limited by guarantee)
This organisation has already stated the intention to sub-contract out parts of the service to a number of other organisations.

94 Staff who have been trained by the NHS, dedicated to developing and running these services, will effectively lose their NHS employment as consequence of this decision.

Wirral residents will lose an NHS lead service which has been nationally and international recognised as leading the way.

Please help us in persuading Councillors to recall the decision to take Wirral drug and alcohol services out of the NHS and into the hands of Crime Reduction Initiative.
Please sign this petition which will be presented to Wirral council and help prevent another act of privatising our NHS.

Many Thanks

Sean Boyle
Concerned Resident of Birkenhead in Wirral.

Why is this important?

To continue providing an effective , NHS provided, Drug and Alcohol service in Wirral.


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2015-01-12 21:13:10 +0000

How ironic it is that Dr Stefan Janikiewicz, lately Clinical Director of the Wirral N.H.S. Drug and Alcohol Service , has been awarded a thoroughly deserved M.B.E in the years New Years Honours List for Services to reducing drug misuse. Dr Janikiewicz M.B.E and all involved in this N.H.S service have worked tirelessly in delivering extremely valued and effective drug and alcohol services in Wirral. No criticism of C.R.I intended but in this case the decision to hand this service over to them does not appear to hold logic.
Thank you all for signing and commenting on this petition.
Please share this with as many people as possible as time is running out.
Many thanks

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