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Proper training for science lab technicians in education and research

Proper training for science lab technicians in education and research

That her Majesty's government ensure that all science technician's are properly trained and remunerated so that they can carry out their duties correctly as this is important in teaching all students properly

Why is this important?

This is important as many of the technicians who were trained properly in 70's and 80's are about to retire or have already retired and there is a danger that they may not be adequately replaced with. people who have relevant training and knowledge of sciences


Reasons for signing

  • I know from experience that school lab techs are often the first to be cut with falling budgets. It is difficult to recruit techs with proper training particularly for a level.
  • With technicians now more and more being responsible for multiple disciplines, it is becoming more common for a new technician to come into the profession without specialist knowledge or experience in some areas they will be responsible for. We have a responsibility to ensure that such individuals have sufficient knowledge to be able to best support teachers and students and ensure their safety.
  • Younger technicians needs to be trained for schools because there are many in my area who are due to retire soon.


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