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To: NI Department of Health

Properly fund the NI Children's Hospice

A funding shortfall for the NI Children's Hospice has resulted in a reduction in vital services.

We call upon the Department of Health to allocate additional funding to the Children's Hospice so that they can restore bed capacity and secure long-term stability for the Charity. 

The Hospice is currently funded well below the clear need for it's services and requires the Department to act. We ask that the Department works closely with the Hospice to address the financial gaps that exist.

The Children and families who go through the doors of the Hospice and receives it's services deserve better.

Why is this important?

The NI Children's Hospice provides support and care to hundreds of children with life threatening and life limiting conditions on an annual basis.

Rising costs have forced the charity to reduce bed capacity for respite stays for families from across Northern Ireland.

The Department of Health have it within their power to ensure the relatively small funding shortfall is met.

How it will be delivered

The petition will be delivered to the NI Assembly.



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