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To: Nick Gibb MP

Prosecution for people that cover up bullying in Schools.

Prosecution for people that cover up bullying in Schools.

- Make more frequent checks of Schools
- Prosecute or charge teachers/headteachers that try and cover up bullying in their School.

Why is this important?

Bullying is defined as any unwanted and harmful verbal, physical, psychological, sexual or social act committed by an individual or group, as well as any real or perceived threat or imbalance of power.
In the UK 50% of young people have bullied another person, out of half of all young people 30% of those bully others at least once a week - and as a result of bullying 29% self harmed, 27% skipped class, 14% developed an eating disorder and 12% ran away from home.
These statistics are far too high, I'm passionate about this because when I was younger I got bullied and I developed an eating disorder but I didn't know then how frequently this happens. If you report bullying to a teacher you're supposed to feel safer and that they CAN help you but what if those teachers are being told to keep bullying 'under wraps'? How can young children feel safe being at School when the very teachers that teach them are getting told to keep the bullying at that School quiet?
I'm a mental health blogger and an anti bullying campaigner, if you tell someone high up like a teacher or a headteacher that you know someone is or that you're getting bullied you EXPECT a change to happen. Not to feel like you're in the wrong and you shouldn't speak up.
Please do NOT let another child go without the help and care they need. Nobody needs to suffer in silence.


Reasons for signing

  • Schools who turn a blind eye to bullying will say there is something wrong with the parents when the child becomes distressed.
  • My children have been treated atrociously, the bullying was covered up & then I was blamed for neglect which has resulted in my children being put in foster care. The head teacher lies about her camera‚Äôs, this made one of my children regress, I really thought she had gone over the edge. This is the 3rd cover up ofbullying, 2 being of a sexual nature!


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