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To: Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick

Protect Affordable Housing

Don’t let property developers off the hook - make them fund affordable housing

Why is this important?

The government just unveiled its “once in a generation” plan for housing - and and it’s a huge blow to nurses, teachers and anyone struggling to pay sky high rent, or unable to find a home they can afford. Under the proposals, property developers who don't build any affordable housing on some sites, will continue to get away with also not having to chip in to help councils build affordable homes elsewhere.

A whole generation of people are being locked out of decent housing, and housing charity Shelter has said that social housing “could face extinction” if these proposals are approved. We can’t let that happen.

These plans aren’t set in stone - yet. The government wants to hear from us before it makes any firm decisions. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell them - loudly and clearly - how disastrous this could be for millions of people struggling to find affordable housing.


Reasons for signing

  • Everyone in the U.K. who works for a living no matter what the do should have a right to by an affordable hope greedy developers and lazy politicians are denying them this .shame on you.
  • I signed the petition because I think it’s high time that these developers were brought to task for reneging on their promise to build affordable housing for people like me. I also think that the government should use their powers to force the developers to do the right thing.
  • Jenrick is a crook, and his only aim is to help his crooked friends fill this country with investment properties, whilst families remain homeless.


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