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To: Minister for Health, Robin Swann

Protect and Pay Student Nurses

Protect and Pay Student Nurses

Pay student nurses for clinical placements - value their role and contribution to the workforce

Why is this important?

“Student nurses are burnt out and exhausted. We’ve had to pay out of our own pocket for accommodation to be able to work safely and give up part time work that would help us make ends meet. It’s time to pay us properly” - Nathan, Student Nurse

If we get behind the student nurses in our thousands, we can put pressure on Robin Swann to pay the student nurses properly.

Student nurses in Northern Ireland are on the frontline of the pandemic. They’ve been working night and day in our hospitals and wards, keeping the NHS from being overwhelmed. And right now, they are not being paid properly for their work.

After ending payments for students working on COVID-19 wards, Health Minister Robin Swann was pressured into offering a one-off "special recognition" bonus. We don’t think that’s good enough. Right now, the NI Executive is looking for views on next year’s budget, and the consultation closes on Friday.

Northern Ireland, UK

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