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To: UK Government

Protect Animals - pass the Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill as promised

Pass the Kept Animals Bill as promised.

This bill was specifically to improve conditions for kept animals, but was pulled at the last minute when it only had a few hours to go before becoming law.

Why is this important?

The bill was intended to:

1. Fulfill the Government’s promise to stop live animal exports for slaughter and fattening
2. Introduce powers to improve animal welfare by ending cruel practices such as puppy smuggling and the keeping of primates as pets.

It is important for animals because of the conditions so many animals are kept in when exported for slaughter and fattening and when puppy farmed.

It is important for people, who often buy sick or misrepresented puppies in good faith and they become family members before their diseases and early mistreatment show.

It is important for people because animals sent overseas should not be part of our food chain but it is impossible to trace what happens to them. It is important for the Government because it was in their manifesto.



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