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To: The Financial Conduct Authority - (FCA)

Protect ATMs and access to cash in the UK!

Make sure banks are practicing a 'duty of care' to protect customers' access to financial services so people can keep using banks and ATMs

Why is this important?

Banks and building societies have closed or scheduled the closure of more than 3,500 UK branches since January 2015. For some of us, this is an inconvenience. For others, especially those of us who are elderly, vulnerable or live in rural communities, it can mean we’re left stranded without cash to pay for our weekly shop or left without access to basic face-to-face bank services.

The Financial Conduct Authority - the regulator for banks across the country - has drafted a set of guidelines that would help protect vulnerable customers from bank closures, by forcing banks to consider the impact of closures, and consider alternatives.With 1 in 10 adults already saying they don’t know how they’d cope in a society where cash wasn’t easily available, this is very welcome news.

But so far, nothing is set in stone. The regulator has opened a consultation to see what people think of the guidelines. A huge petition calling on the regulator to hold banks to account over closures will give them the support they need to follow through with their plans.



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